Small Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is integral part of general home renovation. Many new homes have small-sized bathrooms in keeping with the growing space-saving trend. The trick is to arrange a bathroom interior in such a way as to make it maximally comfortable, functional and uncluttered. Every object should be close at hand, and there should be enough space for residents to move freely.

We are a professional remodeling team with years of experience behind. Since our inception, we have remodeled and renovated scores of old and new homes with various types of bathrooms. We pursue the ultimate goal of creating an optimal mix of comfort and functionality. Being a customer-oriented company, we strive to satisfy our customers’ most fastidious needs and boost our reputation. Our team hires top professionals who use every little chance to create a worthwhile thing.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

There are nearly as many bathroom design solutions as there are people on earth. We are trained to meet our customers’ expectations, so we can tailor any bathroom according to size, customers’ budgets and needs. Here are a few examples of what we can do and why each of these options is good in its own way.
Basically, small bathrooms can be categorized according to the set of utilities they feature.

Small Bathroom Remodel with a Tub

This is one of so-called ‘three-quarter bathroom’ models. These bathrooms feature a toilet, sink and tub and can be viewed as fully-functional. Both residents and guests can do all basic bathroom activities with ease. This pattern is the most popular one, because many people cannot imagine a good wash without a few minutes of privacy and relaxation in a bath filled with warm water.

Small Bathroom Remodel with a Shower Only

This is another ‘three quarter bathroom’ option. It is increasingly popular in many parts of the world, because a vertical shower cabin takes up less space. This type of bathroom is a good choice for those who care about space and functionality and prefer to bathe quickly. There are lots of home owners switching from a tub to a shower cabin. Thanks to the extra space, these bathrooms look a little larger than they really are. They make some residents want to store more things in bathroom.

Small Bathroom Remodel Tub to Shower

Some people want to satisfy their own and guests needs and desires. To do so, some try to fit both a tub and shower in a small room. This ‘full bath’ pattern can be a challenge, because two items take up a lot of space. To save space, one needs to either try to combine a tub with a shower instead of installing a shower cabin, or sacrifice a lot of storage area. Not using deep cabinets and large vanities or shelves can partially solve the issue.

Small Bathroom Remodel Modern

Whatever layout you choose, it should have space and meet basic utilitarian requirements. A bathroom is a kind of place, where every inch counts. To provide enough room and add a touch of modernity, you can choose optimal solutions: a wall-mounted toilet, built-in benches, narrow or set into the wall shelves, floating vanities, etc. They will provide enough space for toiletries. The subtle design can pretty much put you off cluttering your bathroom. This minimalistic approach works in a bathroom like nowhere else.

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

The cost of remodeling a bathroom varies, as bathrooms differ in size, materials differ in quality and aesthetics, and people have different tastes. We provide a broad spectrum of services and materials, so you can design your bathroom’s interior right on the spot.

You can provide information about your bathroom parameters, and our team will calculate your budget for free. Please, apply right now and get a substantial discount.

Small bathroom remodel pictures

Small bathroom remodels before and after