How does it look before and after?

Video review

How does it look before and after?

Video review

Why do you need to overpay?

Resurfacing bathtubs and tile offers you typical savings of 60-80% over the cost of replacement. If your bathtub is worn or damaged, you can’t just pop it out of the wall and drop in a new one. Most tubs have a lip that runs the length of the tub where the tile and tub meet. The tile is laid over this lip to prevent water from getting behind the tile. Also the tub fits so snugly in its place that several rows of tile must be removed just to get it loose. If the tub is cast iron, it may need to be broken up with a sledge hammer just to make the pieces light and small enough to get out of the bathroom. The services of a plumber and tiler are usually necessary to reinstall the new tub, so this seemingly simple project can end up costing thousands and take weeks to complete.

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing and Reglazing is the most economical way to transform a tub or entire bathroom for just a fraction of a bathroom remodeling. We are specialized in refinishing worn bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile showers and even fiberglass. Using modern techniques and the best materials available, we can help you save up to 80% over the cost of replacement.

Bathtubs,shower, sinks, tile and countertop reglazing is the most cost effective way to remodel your kitchen and bath fixtures today. ­ Reglaze and save!

What is resurfacing & reglazing?

Resurfacing (reglazing,refinishing, refacing) is a proven method of renovating bathtubs, tile, sinks and countertops that has been around for 40 years. It involves spraying industrial strength, durable coatings. For years, has been the well kept secret of professional designiters, disaster restoration, home renovation pros, and hotel managers. But now, with the popularity of home improvement programs on TV, the residential homeowner has discovered the low cost, professional alternative to replacement.

Do you want only repair?

We specialized in all types of tub and tile repairs. Repairs that not only make you tub look like original but also are permanent. Stained, chipped, worn, burned and hard to clean surfaces are unsightly and unhealthy. These surfaces can create a negative impression to your guests,customers or clients.

When surfaces are damaged, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean replacement. Thanks to the specialist services of the LZ Reglazing bathtub; homeowners, construction companies, hotels, local authorities, hospitals, tradesmen and landlords have an alternative. And it’s an alternative that saves time, saves money, and avoids disruption. Most surfaces that have been damaged by accident, during installation, are generally worn or simply the wrong color can be restored comparable to new. Our Reglazing coating will transform the old finish in a matter of hours.This finish is easy to clean, and with proper care will last years to come.

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